TWO CENTS – A new journey

Just a little update on what’s been going on. So BIG NEWS! Two Cents Interactive a little brainchild of both me and Holypastry is slowly becoming a full-fledged thing… company thing…

I’d just like to show some of the branding work that I’ve been doing for this project.
First off… I’d like to say it’s been a crazy journey moving from purely just working on video game 3D assets to actually thinking about branding and realizing that I’m not a graphic designer.

“Building a logo… a nightmare in itself…”

I seriously had no idea where to start with this logo… It took us the longest time to settle on a name. And now I had to come up with a whole branding around it. A bunch of sketches later.., I realized I had no clue how the logo should look and feel. I had this symbol of a two that played with perspective and was also infinite. These were all in line with what the company was about. But how should I treat it visually?
Were we the sketchy type? Or the vintage type? Or the tech company type?

Then I learned that what I really needed first was to do a mood board that would help me understand what the company was really about.

“Funny how it was so obvious in my previous job to get a mood board done… But when you switch jobs you don’t realize how certain things are still very relevant.”


The mood board really helped me build an idea of who we were. And it was also a great tool to help discuss my ideas with my co-founder and eventually to pass on to the artist that I commissioned.

Slowly but surely I pushed my way through finalizing the logo (while telling myself that everyone goes through a rebranding at some point so it doesn’t have to be perfect), reading up on marketing, sketching up the website design. Learning how to pull together a website that looks like what I drew up… (praying that we’ll get the budget someday to hire a professional) …

“Designing is hard… and making it work on mobile is harder…”

What I’m most proud of though is getting Ying Shian (a fellow art classmate from the old days) to work on a “pattern” piece for the brand. I was needing a cool illustration to put on my website and also something to help really sell a unique look that people will identify with Two Cents. I had ideas for what I wanted… but I had to face the truth illustrations and graphic design wasn’t my thing. So that’s where I decided to spend my tiny marketing budget on a one-piece pattern with lots of cool little things to look at.

“This is a tiny part of the document I sent to Ying Shian. It also included all our brand, company identity etc. Whatever would help her in understanding our style.”

I knew from the start that Ying Shian’s style would fit us perfectly. So the only thing was to get a piece that I could use in all areas of our branding.

And it just came out so amazingly!  I could break down all the little elements into individual icons and pieces, I could use the pattern to fit all banner ratio and sizes.

And I’m super excited to make some pins, cards, shirts out of the individual elements… when we have the budget that is.

And that’s where I’m going to end it. I’m super proud of the work that has been done for the company with the little budget we have. I do believe that it’s a great starting point for the company, and it manages to have a unique character and style that isn’t found anywhere else.