Volunteer House Fairy

My learnings and journey as a volunteer at a wellness retreat or what I can only describe as being a House Fairy.

A nature crafting session that I “facilitated” I say in quotes as I learned that there’s nothing to facilitate really when you are passionate and just want to share your passions.
Another thing I learned was that if you give people an easy in, to something they find intimidating or foreign, it works much better! My most successful session was when I made and laid out a bung of pre-made wreath bases, some smudge sticks, and some nettle cordage and gave the guests a choice of easy projects.
I had been playing with the idea of “leading by being” early in the year. But something didn’t sit right with me. I don’t really care for the word “leading” Perhaps “Sharing by being” would work better. To share one’s way of life, passions and learning by just being who you are confidently.
It’s been a childhood dream of mine to harvest and cook my own food. I’ve always wanted to coexist with nature run around a field with flowers in my hair. Well I had the chance to do it and I loved it. I would help harvest fresh vegetables from our own garden and prepare them for that day’s meal. It just can’t get more wholesome than that.
I had the amazing chance to help out in the kitchen. I learned so much from the very talented and patient chef. And I enjoyed very much making sure everything looked as beautiful as they tasted.
Another thing I spent my time doing was learning about the different plants and how to co-exist with them. The wonderful Elder blessed us with a bounty of berries which I made into cordials and handed out to anyone who was feeling off as the season was turning.
Making flower arrangements for a room not only livens up the room for everyone but it is all a great wellness practice for the one making the flower arrangements. You can’t rush it, and ideally you should go out into nature to forage it. If you’re not already doing this, I highly recommend it.
All in all my time at the dreaming can’t really be described. It was the most magical and peaceful moment in my life despite all the instablity I was going through. It taught me so many lessons and I am a changed person comming out from it. It has also clarified my passion and goals in life and made me see that it’s something worth trying for. For anyone who feels stuck and wanting to take sometime off to truly figure themselves out, I highly recommend giving yourself the space, time and faith to do so. “The universe will always provide” as we crazies like to say.