The Hut

Role: Set Designer, Narrative Designer, Project Manager, Prop Crafter, Prop Designer

The Hut was playtested and received excellent feedback. However, our opening date clashed with the beginning of COVID-19, and we had to close up before even opening. We still have the design and digital assets for the game. Most props would need to be recreated and sourced. If you’re interested in purchasing the design please reach out!


All pots and the small cabinet on the left were handmade. The Small cabinet on the left has a hidden built-in magnetic lock.
Prop Designed by Jane Tan, fabricated by Sebastien Berton.
Handbound Grimoire by Jane Tan
All materials were hand-aged to resemble aged parchment with our secret self-developed method.

Behind the scenes

What are we filming with a greenscreen?! Want to know more? Contact us 🙂
Sebastien hard at work building a custom table.
Inspired by our favorite escape room so far, we wanted the puzzles to feel genuinely magical by using actual items with no tech hidden in them.

For more information, get in touch!